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Infinite Entertainment creates, acquire and manages Intellectual Property for development of Film & Television projects. Our focus is IP with extraordinary worlds and characters in stories that can reach an international audience. In close collaboration with writers, artists, producers and directors throughout the development process, we ensure all our projects reach their highest creative potential and stand out on the marketplace.

Strategic Partnerships

Through close collaboration with our international development and production partners, Infinite Entertainment nurtures every internal and co-produced project through each phase of development, financing and production. With our presence in both Europe and the United States, we work with both local and worldwide distribution partners, tailoring the plan for every specific project.

Universe of Artists

With the support from our sister company, Goodbye Kansas Studios, we have direct access to a universe of artistic and technical talent that enables us to unite hand-picked teams with the relevant experience to support our filmmakers in every project.

Multiple Platforms

At Infinite Entertainment, we never see a project as “merely” a film or TV series. We like to widen the perspective and explore different ways where an outstanding idea can thrive on multiple platforms and entertainment formats.

Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu

Set in East Africa, 1928, the roguish Black American gunslinger Gordon Hemingway teams up with the elite warrior Princess Zenebé of Ethiopia to rescue their kidnapped regent from an ancient evil.

Feature film for Netflix

Directed by: Stefon Bristol
Producers: Spike Lee, Lloyd Levin, Beatriz Levin
Written By: Original screenplay by Hank Woon with additional revisions by both Woon and Fredrica Bailey

Article in Variety
Article in Deadline


Set in an alternative world at the dawn of the millennia, ‘Endymion’ tells the story of a teenage girl who is searching for answers about her father’s mysterious death. She must team up with the other children of the Welsh blue-collar workers, who died while working with the new moon Endymion, to uncover the conspiracy of the international space program and redeem their parents, while accidentally discovering proof of extra-terrestrial life.

TV Series

Based on the story and artwork by:
Simon Stålenhag
Created for television by:
Måns Mårlind
Article in Deadline.


State Zero

State Zero is a science fiction adventure set in 2047, twenty years after a catastrophic pandemic that almost erased mankind.

TV Series

Created by: Andrée Wallin


Serpens tells the story of an astronaut on a vital expedition to plant the seeds of a colony on Mars, where he discovers a mysterious female AI serpent that takes the physical form of his lost love. Their forbidden bond ignites a clash between civilizations that will change him and humanity forever.

Feature Film

Writer/Director: Jeremy Breslau

Those Across The River

Those Across the River is a Southern Gothic about a pair of star-crossed lovers who move to a small town under a terrifying curse set during the Great Depression.

TV Series

Writer (Novel): Christopher Buehlman


Following a meteor shower, a young married couple discovers a mysterious metallic orb in the woods near their house. While the unusual object dazzles the couple with awe-inspiring wonder, its true purpose is revealed to be far more sinister than they could ever imagine.

Feature Film

Writers: Michael Sherman, Steve Desmond,
Director: Steve Desmond

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