Original Content and IP for Film & Television

Infinite Entertainment manages original IP and content for Goodbye Kansas companies. It focuses on projects with great story, spectacular visual concepts and a potential to attract an international audience. In close collaboration with creators, writers, artists and directors throughout the development process, we ensure all our projects reach their highest creative potential.

Strategic Partnerships

Through strategic cooperation with international development and distribution partners, Infinite Entertainment nurtures every internal and co-produced project through each phase of development and production.

Universe of Artists

With the support from our sister company Goodbye Kansas Studios, we have direct access to a universe of artistic and technical talent that enables us to unite hand-picked teams with the relevant experience for every project.

Multiple Platforms

At Infinite Entertainment, we never see a project as “merely” a film, TV series or game. We like to widen the perspective and explore different ways where an outstanding idea can thrive on multiple platforms.

Supported by Goodbye Kansas Studios, Infinite Entertainment is an in-house production company that creates, develops, produces and markets original content and IPs for feature films, TV and games.

State Zero

State Zero is a science fiction adventure set in 2047, twenty years after a catastrophic pandemic.

TV series
Created by: Andrée Wallin


An astronaut on his first expedition to Mars awakens a mysterious female A.I. that takes the form of his lost love, and their forbidden bond ignites a clash between civilizations that will change him and the course of humanity forever.

Feature film
Writer/Director: Jeremy Breslau

Those Across The River

Those Across the River is a Southern Gothic about a pair of star-crossed lovers who move to a small town under a terrifying curse set during the Great Depression.

TV series
Writer: Christopher Buehlman


Following a meteor shower, a young married couple discovers a mysterious metallic orb in the woods near their house. While the unusual object dazzles the couple with awe-inspiring wonder, its true purpose is revealed to be far more sinister than they could ever imagine.

Feature film
Writer: Michael Sherman, Steve Desmond, Director: Steve Desmond

Tom Olsson
Head of Production, Executive Producer

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