Infinite Entertainment is a Production Company that creates, develops and produces original content and IP for Feature Film, Television and Games.

In close collaboration with creators, writers, artists and directors throughout the development process, we ensure all our projects reach their highest creative potential.

Infinite Entertainment focuses on projects with great story, spectacular visual concepts and a potential to attract an international audience.

Through strategic cooperation with international development and distribution partners, Infinite Entertainment nurtures every internal and co-produced project through each phase of development and production.

With the support from our sister companies Fido, Bläck and Imagination Studios, we have direct access to a large pool of talent that enables us to unite hand picked teams with the relevant experience for every project.

At Infinite Entertainment we never see a project as “merely” a film, tv-series or game. We like to widen the perspective and explore different ways where one unique idea can thrive on multiple platforms.
Infinite Entertainment manages all original IP and content for the Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group.

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Infinite Entertainment
Rosenlundsgatan 40, 4 tr
118 53 Stockholm, Sweden

Tom Olsson
Head of Production, Executive Producer

The Goodbye Kansas Entertainment Group consists of Fido, Bläck, Imagination Studios and Infinite Entertainment.
Goodbye Kansas is Scandinavia’s leading studio within VFX, CGI, motion capture and animation. Providing services for film, TV, commercials, advertising, computer games development and marketing.
In addition Goodbye Kansas Ent. Group creates, develops and manages IP’s for all platforms across all types of media.